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SharePoint / Nintex Workflow Status Codes

Here are the SharePoint workflow status codes which you can reference in SharePoint to filter your list/library view or use them in the workflow itself. 0 = Not Started 1 = Failed on Start 2 = In Progress 3 = Error Occurred 4 = Canceled 5 = Completed 6 = Failed on Start (retrying) 7 […]

Activate Publishing Feature With PowerShell

Maybe you also struggled about this, too. Trying to activate the SharePoint Publishing feature results in an error and it’s not possible to activate it over the SharePoint UI. In this case the PowerShell script below will do the activation. The script will also update a property of the web, indicating that the feature is […]

Force CheckIn File Or Undo CheckOut With PowerShell

Sometimes it is not possible to check-in a file in a library over the file item menu or discarding the CheckOut of the file doesn’t work. Here is a PowerShell script which checks-in the file or discards the CheckOut. ## ## CheckIn file or undo CheckOut with PowerShell ## # Loading the SharePoint PowerShell Snapin […]

Welcome To My SharePoint Blog!

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